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  • 315 Hidden Creek Lane
    2 beds | 2 baths

Your First Home

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Safety Tips for FSBO's

  • Never tell a caller your work schedule
  • Never tell a caller "No one is home at that time"
  • Never tell a caller you're going on vacation
  • Never show your home alone
  • Never walk first down a stairwell
  • Always ask the caller how people will be coming to view your home
  • Always remove or lock up your valuables
  • Always call your appointment back to verify phone number is truly their number
  • Always carry your phone during the showing
  • Always keep your financial situation and reasons for moving private
  • Always remember the Buyer's Agent (or any agent you have not hired) DOES NOT represent you!
Showing Tips For FSBO's      
  • Do a Walk-Thru with "Buyer's Eyes"
  • Sharpen up your curb appeal
  • Check your front door and entryway, Make a good 1st impression
  • Neutralize any odors 
  • Pack and remove any clutter, Even from the garage
  • Pack and remove collectables, your collection may be all the buyer remembers 
  • Turn on Lights!
  • Remove any carpets or cords that someone may trip over
  • Don't allow furniture to block walkways or doorways 
  • Clear off counter-tops, use 1 appliance rule
  • Organize shelves and closets, it gives the appearance of more space  
  • Print your home's features 
  • Don't talk too much while buyer is looking  
  • Give potential buyer space